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Innovative solutions for industry

Actemium consists of 300 Single Business Units doing complex engineering projects, dedicated for industry in 38 countries, close to our Clients, all over the world. Because of a very dense network of Single Business Units, unifying global range with local service, offered solutions support our client’s projects through all their lifetime – beginning from initial concept, project design to investment finalization and in addition on-line and off-line maintenance.

Actemium in Poland

In Poland, Actemium brand is represented by Cegelec Sp. z o.o. We deliver complex technological solutions for many industrial brunches (Aircraft/Aviation; Automotive; Feed, Food & Beverage; Environment; Life sciences; Customer Goods & Logistics; FMCG; Oil & Gas; Chemicals; Energy and others), public infrastructure or health care. We design and carry on projects like: Smart Industry, Smart City and Smart Grid. Our customers come from a private and a public sector. Gradually we increase the range of our activities, with following tasks:

  • Electrical/energy installations (e.g. internal installations, complete power supply and energy generation systems, transformer stations 0,4kV/15kV).
  • HVAC, cold water, compressed air, steam installations, sewage systems.
  • Low voltage installations (structural wiring, CCTV, access control, BMS, DSO, SSP).
  • Instrumentation and automatics (PLC programming, control and measurements); Telecommunication, IT systems (e.g. SCADA, MES, CMMS).
  • Robotics (e.g. complex robotic stations accordingly to customer’s need or our own designs).
  • Relocation of machineries, assembly, installation of single machine to complex production lines (all over the world) and internal transfers inside a plant.
  • Design, assembly and overhaul of production lines accordingly to customer demands.
  • Online and off-line maintenance.
  • Energy safety and effectiveness – renewable and alternative energy sources (cogeneration and trigeneration, solar collectors, photovoltaic panels, wind power plants, heat pump etc.).
  • Healthcare solutions.
  • Smart Projects (Smart Industry, Smart City, Smart Grid).
  • Acquiring funds from EU, Norwegian funds, Swiss funds and other financial support programs. Management of investment and project supervision service.

All above mentioned installation are done by our company from initial concept, through support in funds gathering to acquiring all legal permissions (zoning, environmental conditions, building permissions). Next step it’s project realization, general startup phase and technical acceptance, in addition maintenance of any plant/installation. Installations can be done separately, in a very narrow range, based on a technical documentation and customer concept or in wide range as a coordinator of all required activities needed to finalize the whole project. In general, depending on customer’s needs, we accomplish any installation from design to the turnkey phase, offering also warranty service and maintenance after warranty period.

In our team we have the engineers of all kind, designers of control systems and experienced project managers. Qualified technicians fulfill all quality standards even in the most advanced projects.

There are many international clubs in a Vinci Group e.g.: energy efficiency, Maintenance, Oil & Gas, Aircraft and others, in which the engineers from Poland can exchange their experience and get to know most advanced, world technologies. There is also an exchange of the engineering crew which allows us to involve experts from different countries in projects carried on in Poland. In our project we utilize the most advanced, world technologies – since we are part of international consortium we have access to energy efficient lighting (LED), semiconductors, advanced control and automatic systems, renewable and alternative energy sources.

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