Working at the heart of the digital transformation

Deploying tomorrow’s technologies, in a massive and rapid way

Axians is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to information and communications technology (ICT). The brand supports its customers – enterprises, the public sector, carriers and service providers – from IT infrastructure and services to digital transformation. As a leader in ICT, Axians is a trusted partner in implementing new lCT technologies. Today, more than ever before, the infrastructure at the operators level has to be easily accessible with broadband capacity and wide geographic coverage. Axians, which is an international brand, enables integration of fixed and mobile networks and managementofthe quick implementation of the digital infrastructure on a mass scale.

Improved data transfer speed and comprehensive implementation.
Axians plans, implements and optimizes the latest technologies (3G, 4G, 4G+, FTTx …) in urban and rural areas.

Integration of offers for mobile and fixed solutions.
As an expert in the field of all telecommunications technologies, from backbone to access networks Axians provides comprehensive solutions that help operators make the most of the existing network.

Improving the user’s comfort while maintaining low costs.
Axians provides internal and external mobile services, designs and implements smart transport systems.

Optimization of OPEX.
Axians offers comprehensive maintenance of ICT networks ranging from failure repair to full warehouse and logistic management.

Axians Poland

In Poland, Axians brand is represented by ATEM-Polska Sp. z o.o. and Axians Networks Poland Sp. z o.o. We offer all Clients a wide range of services covering the full life cycle of telecommunications, multimedia, radio and television systems starting from consultations about the strategies and methods of construction, through operation and maintenance of a system including migration towards new technologies.

Owing to our flexible organizational structure and equity links we operate effectively throughout Poland in:

  • developing economic and technical projects
  • radio and transmission planning for ICT networks
  • designing and constructing radio facilities
  • designing and constructing fibre optic lines and electric power grids and service lines
  • supplying and installing radio equipment
  • specialist measurements of telecommunications networks and radio communication installations
  • maintaining the operation of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks
  • the infrastructure of alarm, fire alarm signalling, access control, CCIV systems
  • upgrading public utility facilities and structures
  • consultancy and implementation of new technologies
  • management of telecommunications and electrical power engineering projects

Our projects for the telecommunications industry include almost 7 000 facilities completed by Axians (ATEM-Polska and Axians Networks Poland) on a comprehensive basis or in which the Company participated.


Mobile networks

  • organization of formal and legal processes
  • design and construction of base stations
  • implementation and integration of GSM, UMTS, LIE, WIMAX, TETRA, GSM-R networks
  • construction of DVB-T/DVB-H digital TV systems
  • integration of backbone networks in the PDH/SDH/xWDM technology
  • specialist measurements of telecommunications networks and installations

Fixed networks

  • design and construction of: fibre optic and copper networks, ICT networks – LAN, MAN and WAN cableTV networks
  • service of ISDH, xWDM, P DSLAM, GPON technologies
  • SSWiN and CCIV systems

Operating maintenance

  • 24/7 maintenance of mobile and stationary networks
  • removal of damage and failures
  • inspections and repairs: building and radio inspections and repairs of mobile network facilities, of copper and fibre optic cable networks, telecommunication, TV alarm equipment
  • disassembly of masts and towers
  • measurements of efficiency of telecommunication networks
  • daytime and night-time obstacle marking of high facilities

Protection of classified information

The Company’s structure includes the Classified Information Protection Division. The Company has been awarded the Level One Industrial Security Certificate which allovvs it to store, process and produce classified information and a licence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for the security services for protection of people and property in form of technical protection.
The above certificates are the basis for carrying out tasks by uniformed services — the army, the police, fire-fighting and other services which require the relevant licences.

Public-utility facilities

  • repair of facilities
  • modernisation of public-utilityfacilities
  • design and construction of showrooms
  • design and construction of CCTV, access control, alarm and fire safety systems
  • construction of ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • investor’s scipervision of telecommunication works

Electrical power engineering – complete project solutions

  • design, construction, upgrading of overhead and cable transmission low and medium voltage power lines
  • design and construction of fibre optic lines on overhead power lines
  • construction of pylons
  • design and construction of electrical installations inside
  • buildings
  • design and installation of uninterruptible power supply systems;
  • installation of intelligent power meters
  • implementation of telemetry systems
  • installation and maintenance of reclosers
  • design and construction of obstruction lighting and intelligent street lighting systems
  • maintenance inspections and repairs of transformer stations
  • design and construction of renewable energysources

Transport & logistics, special expertise, comprehensive ICT solutions for the railway industry

Axians designs, constructs and maintains systems, e.g. GSM-R, Dynamic Passenger Information Systems, Train Traffic Control Systems, GSM signal repeater systems in PKP Intercity cars and CCTV systems. Axians implements 3G/4G networks for the suppliers of telecommunication services and WiFi networks for public transport operators.

The strategic significance of the railway sector is growing globally due to rising fuel prices, environmental protection and the contribution of the railways to economic growth and competitiveness. The challenges related to the railway network system are huge because the railway operators have to handle the complexity of railway networks while providing services and ensuring the safety of customers and personnel. All of those requirements have to be fulfilled with costs remaining at a reasonable level. ICT solutions improve the functioning of railway operators and customer satisfaction with relatively low project implementation costs.

Comprehensive Axians solutions:

  • reliable communication at a lower cost for railway operators using standard technologies,
  • most importantly, innovative technological solutions ensuring greater efficiency, use and potential of ICT systems in the railway sector,
  • physical security and ICT as the key incentives for ICT projects in the railway sector,
  • public transport operators can generate greater revenues and increase the satisfaction of the travelling passengers using telecommunication services and transmitted data.

Our Project Managers and Specialists provide:

  • consulting in the wide range of skills,
  • radio and transmission planning (e.g. GSM-R network for PKP PLK S.A.),
  • engineering (automation, telecommunication, LED lighting, power lines),
  • construction (e.g. dispatch communication solutions, LED lighting systems for railway stations automatic signaling and telecommunication systems, cables, others),
  • maintenance (e.g. automatic signaling and telecommunication systems (including copper and optical cables).

We are present wherever special expertise in comprehensive ICT solutions is needed. Our services are offered both as off-the-shelf packages and customised solutions developed to meet specific requirements of our partners.

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