Over the past three centuries, the VINCI Energies Group has expanded into 61 countries around the world. It is now one of the major players in the areas of energy, transport, industry, ICT, and services.

In Poland, VINCI Energies provides innovative solutions in three business lines: ICT (Information & communications technology), Industry and Building Solutions.

VINCI Energies operates under ATEM-Polska, Axians Networks Poland, Axians IT Solutions Poland and Axians IT Services Poland company – Axians brand, CegelecActemium brand and VINCI FacilitiesVINCI Facilities brand.

VINCI Energies offers a customised solution for each individual project, from the smallest to the most complex, in order to meet our customers’ challenges in terms of performance, reliability and safety.

We successfully work in areas of telecommunications, electrical power engineering, construction and protection of information. We deliver technological solutions for many industrial brunches, public infrastructure or health care. We design and carry on projects like: Smart Industry, Smart City and Smart Grid.

Our customers come from a private and a public sector. Our business profile, very unique engineering crew with outstanding know-how allows us planning, project realization, maintenance and service of complex engineering installations.



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At VINCI Energies, we believe that sustainable success on the financial level goes hand in hand with an ambitious social and environmental program

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A robust model

VINCI Energies builds on its decentralised organisational structure with local roots through its 2,000 business units, each of which specialises in a specific business segment in order to provide bespoke services to its customers. Together, they form a network with multiple areas of expertise that they harness in line with each project’s requirements. VINCI Energies takes a partnership-based approach at the local level, which is a key part of its ability to create value.

Thanks to its extensive international footprint, diverse operational methods and the responsiveness of its agile organisation, VINCI Energies possesses many advantages that enable it to adapt to changing situations. Its resilience also comes from its position in structurally relevant sectors, such as building solutions, ICT, infrastructure and industry, which are central to key challenges such as the digital transformation and the energy transition.

Four international brands

To promote its services and expertise, VINCI Energies has created four international brands focusing on four different business lines: Omexom for infrastructure, Actemium for industry, Axians for ICT and VINCI Facilities, along with local brands, for building solutions. These brands act and collaborate to develop innovations and environmental services.

Values and commitments

Our five values – entrepreneurship, responsibility, trust, empowerment and solidarity – are applied in a collective and proactive approach to corporate social responsibility. This approach is founded on four commitments: the health and safety of our employees, ethics in every one of our projects, reduction of our environmental footprint and local involvment in projects or causes in every region in which we operate.

Two centuries of history

VINCI Energies has over 200 years of history and has grown over the years by acquiring various other companies to become a major player in the energy transition and the digital transformation. The people at the company come together to work towards shared values.

The strength of belonging to the VINCI Group

The VINCI Group is a global leader in concessions and contracting, employing over 280,000 employers, active in more than 120 countries. It designs, finances, builds and manages infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all. The Group believes in all-round performance that goes above and beyond economic and financial results, and has therefore committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. And because its projects are in the public interest, VINCI considers that reaching out to all its stakeholders and engaging in dialogue with them is essential in the conduct of our business activities. VINCI’s goal is to create long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees, and partners and for society at large.