We operate in transport and energy infrastructure equipment from design through to operation.

OMEXOM is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to energy infrastructure.

VINCI Energies, with its brand Omexom, helps electricity producers, transmission and distribution system operators and local and regional authorities fulfil the promise of the energy transition. Our goals, going forward, are to foster access to electricity, ensure secure supply and develop sustainable energy.

VINCI Energies business units notably offer innovative solutions for renewable energy, urban natural gas networks, electricity storage, low-carbon mobility and energy and transport infrastructure management.

The share of fossil fuels in the energy mix compared to that generated by renewable sources is changing thanks to the ongoing energy transition.
VINCI Energies adapts networks by interconnecting these different sources and enabling the networks to strike a balance between these different energies.


Help make the energy transition a reality

By joining one of our business units dedicated to energy, transport or regional infrastructure, you will be helping develop renewable energy, promote access to energy and ensure a more secure energy supply.

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