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Axians is the VINCI Energies brand dedicated to information and communications technology (ICT). The brand supports its customers – enterprises, the public sector, carriers and service providers – from IT infrastructure and services to digital transformation. As a leader in ICT, Axians is a trusted partner in implementing new lCT technologies.

Today, more than ever before, the infrastructure at the operators level has to be easily accessible with broadband capacity and wide geographic coverage.
Axians, which is an international brand, enables integration of fixed and mobile networks and managementofthe quick implementation of the digital infrastructure on a mass scale.

Axians offers all clients, be they enterprises, government organizations or service providers, a range of solutions for the design, implementation and use of ICT infrastructure. These solutions include software, hardware and services tailored to the client’s needs for various markets. Axians understands the importance ICT has for people and businesses. Therefore, we design solutions dedicated to specific industries, for example, for health and transport, and we also take on many important challenges that our societies are facing today.


Axians Poland

In Poland, Axians brand is represented by ATEM-Polska, Axians Networks Poland, Axians IT Solutions Poland and Axians IT Services Poland.

We offer all Clients a wide range of services covering the full life cycle of telecommunications, multimedia, radio and television systems starting from consultations about the strategies and methods of construction, through operation and maintenance of a system including migration towards new technologies.

A solid and reliable telecommunications infrastructure is critical to the success of any type of business

Especially those with critical communication needs. It can form the basis of business services in various industries. Our experience in telecommunications infrastructures enables us to work with operators and service providers (CSPs) to provide solutions for fixed and mobile networks and to provide enterprises with solutions using the latest carrier-class technologies.

Company networks

The corporate network ensures communication between employees, customers and partners and is a key activator of every business process. It is much more than its main components, such as LAN, WAN, routers and switches, servers, applications, and storage. Your network plays a decisive role in stimulating the dynamism and competitiveness of your business.

The role and value of business applications and data analytics is growing with every company

Data analysis is critical in these changing and difficult times. The increasing adoption of innovative technologies and applications, including IoT and artificial intelligence, can improve operational efficiency and obtain extremely valuable information on which to base future business decisions. Effective data analytics is also critical to help companies stay flexible and resilient in difficult and changing times.

Health Service

Modern logistics management in hospitals

Logistics in a hospital is a daily process of planning the supply of various types of goods, including drugs, blood, medical devices, and the control of their flow and consumption. It is a permanent collection of information about inventory in real time.

The HLx system is a procurement and materials management solution aimed at improving the functioning of hospitals. HLx offers users modern procurement, warehousing and distribution tools.

The HLx system increases patient safety because it contains real data about products and medicinal products used in connection with the medical procedure being carried out.


Digital Workspace is a key part of digital transformation

Because these technologies are closely related to our clients’ business processes. Gone are the days when Digital Workspace was limited to the physical space of a company during working hours. Now companies want their employees to collaborate more effectively, retain customers and acquire new ones, while communicating with suppliers through all available channels at any time.

Employees are already communicating and collaborating in an unprecedented way

Thanks to our many years of experience, we deliver projects, support and maintain collaboration and communication technologies, including audiovisual and videoconferencing, unified communication and meeting solutions of all sizes.

The right technology systems and procurement can help you deal with the unknown

Business flexibility and the ability to quickly react to changing situations are now the key requirements of any organization – regardless of its size or industry. The right technology systems and procurement can help you deal with the unknown. However, the associated costs and skills required, combined with ensuring that local and industry regulations are always complied with, can make implementing the appropriate measures a challenge.

Cyber threats affect any business across the globe, regardless of industry

As these threats evolve rapidly and become more complex, organizations need expertise that can keep pace and provide the most up-to-date protection at all times. However, finding the right cybersecurity skills can increase the challenge. Due to the lack of skills and resources in risk assessment and management, combined with the complexity of the systems and the enormous amount of data residing in the network infrastructure on which each company relies.

Owing to our flexible organizational structure and equity links we operate effectively throughout Poland in:

Our projects for the telecommunications industry include almost 7 000 facilities completed by Axians (ATEM-Polska and Axians Networks Poland) on a comprehensive basis or in which the Company participated.


The Company’s structure includes the Classified Information Protection Division. The Company has been awarded the Level One Industrial Security Certificate which allovvs it to store, process and produce classified information and a licence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration for the security services for protection of people and property in form of technical protection.

The above certificates are the basis for carrying out tasks by uniformed services — the army, the police, fire-fighting and other services which require the relevant licences.


Axians designs, constructs and maintains systems, e.g. GSM-R, Dynamic Passenger Information Systems, Train Traffic Control Systems, GSM signal repeater systems in PKP Intercity cars and CCTV systems. Axians implements 3G/4G/5G networks for the suppliers of telecommunication services and WiFi networks for public transport operators.

The strategic significance of the railway sector is growing globally due to rising fuel prices, environmental protection and the contribution of the railways to economic growth and competitiveness. The challenges related to the railway network system are huge because the railway operators have to handle the complexity of railway networks while providing services and ensuring the safety of customers and personnel.

All of those requirements have to be fulfilled with costs remaining at a reasonable level. ICT solutions improve the functioning of railway operators and customer satisfaction with relatively low project implementation costs.

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