Training, Learning and Skills Development

We want all our business units to encourage employees to acquire new skills and apply them in their day-to-day work.

Key figures

  • 83800
    employees in 2020
  • 12000
    permanent contracts (or equivalent) signed in 2020
  • 3300
    work-study students

VINCI Energies Academies

The VINCI Energies Academy aims to spread know-how and soft skills by providing training courses that facilitate acculturation and help spread VINCI Energies’ core values. A total of 120 tailored training courses – in person or online – cover how our business units are managed and function on a day-to‑day basis. 

These courses are run by external and internal experts – such as project managers, health and safety officers and directors, as well as administrative and accounting/financial managers – which guarantees innovative teaching and a concrete approach to our business lines. 

The VINCI Energies Academy network covers Africa, Germany, Brazil, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Romania and the UK, with courses adapted to suit each specific culture.  

Our brand-led Institutes

Alongside our Academy network, our specialised brand-led Institutes run training courses on our business lines and expertise.

In 2020, Axians has inaugurated a new engineering centre in Portugal to provide services in the areas of cybersecurity, cloud and managed services, data analytics and augmented reality.

Work-study programmes, apprenticeships and internships

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Careers at the heart of transformation

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